Top 10 Benefits to Study Abroad

1. See the World

The opportunity to see the world is one of the main reasons to consider studying abroad. New customs, traditions and amazing experiences with both locals and other students builds memories for life. Experiencing a brand-new city with the possibility to also visit neighbouring cities and even countries is an amazing opportunity for everyone.

2. Education

Cultures and traditions are not the only difference you will experience while studying abroad, but you will also encounter different styles of education. Learning in a new way can be very beneficial and broaden your perspective. These new experiences will be useful for the rest of your life.

3. Lifestyle

No matter if you are leaving home for the first time, or if you are already an experienced traveler - a trip abroad will bring you to new cultural experiences that allows you to understand and appreciate your host country. The people, history, food and customs of your new country are all part of the new lifestyle you will be able to enjoy to the fullest while studying abroad!

Studying in a new country and city beings something completely different than simply visiting. New perspectives will bring a lifestyle that most likely will open your mind and positively impact you as a person. The full effect of these experiences will show down the line to let you unleash your full potential.

4. Learning a new language

At the core of any language trip is obviously the education itself. Studying abroad gives you the opportunity to completely immerse yourself in a new language and there isn't a better way to learn than by diving straight in and practice in your daily life. Speaking with locals gives you a completely different opportunity than by studying through formal education.

5. Widening your career opportunities

Having the experience of studying abroad not only gives you new perspectives and language skills, but it also makes you more attractive for future employers. In many cases students also fall in love with their host country and seeks for work there. Needless to say, language courses abroad opens new doors in terms of finding the jobs you have always dreamt of!

6. Finding new interests and friends

Studying abroad gives you the opportunity to participate in new activities that might spark an interest for life. Clearly you will experience different things than you would do if you stayed home. Whether it is food, hiking, water sports, skiing or any other activities the possibilities are endless and gives you a chance to explore yourself. Hand in hand with this you will also encounter people from all over the world and get to experience new cultures. This is another benefit of studying abroad and chances are you will create relationships that lasts a lifetime!

7. Personal growth

Living and studying abroad is really an experience and will teach you to become independent and in turn makes you more confident and outgoing. There is a reason employers value these experiences so highly, as they demand the person to adapt to diverse situations and solve issues that they might have not otherwise experienced. Finding yourself is not the easiest of tasks, but heading out in the world to expose yourself to new cultures and ideas is one of the biggest steps you can take towards that goal!

8. Graduate Schools

As earlier mentioned future employers look fondly at the experience of study abroad experiences, but so so does graduate school admission boards. They understand how valuable students who aren't afraid of seeking new challenges or who has put themselves out there by studying abroad. Studying abroad also shows commitment to one's studies and graduate schools regularly look for students of this background. 

9. An experience for life

The opportunity to travel and see the world is something we should not take for granted, and is something many people regret later in life. Taking the chance to do this through studying abroad is an excellent way to combine two very important and valuable things. Once you find a job and career the opportunities might become few and far between. If you take this chance you will end up with experiences that you will carry with your for the rest of your life!

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